Sunday, December 2, 2012

My favorite holiday movie

Quilt pieces
My favorite movie for the holidays is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, starring Howard Keel and Jane Powell. Admittedly, it isn't a standard "holiday movie" in that it isn't about Christmas or any of the other winter holidays. However, it has special significance for me. My Hungarian grandfather didn't speak a lot of English, but he did understand farming. He and I didn't talk a lot, but every New Year's Eve for about 18 years, we sat down and watched the movie together. My grandmother usually worked that night, being the head cook at the Hungarian Hall down the road. I would stay home with him and watch the movie, and we'd laugh uproariously and just enjoy being together.

In the movie, Jane Powell's character Milly wears dresses that are obviously quilted (sometimes too much so, in fact!), and so for my image today I snapped some quilt squares I'm working on with the kids. The homespun feel of the fabric and the simple patterns make me feel all happy and loved.

What brings back happy memories for you at this time of year?

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