Monday, December 10, 2012

Pretty paper all around me!

Something you're reading - Goblet of Fire
December 9th's challenge was to photograph "something you're reading." Hardly a challenge, although most of what I'm reading nowadays is on the Kindle app of my phone. However...

The girl-twin and I are slowly making our way through the Harry Potter series. She's a total Potterhead, it's true, and so am I. She loves listening to me do all the voices of the characters, and giggles when I try to get my voice low enough to speak for Hagrid. We're currently on Goblet of Fire, which is incredibly good. It's also vastly different from the movie, which is nice, because she never knows what's going to come next.

December 10th - wrapping paper
I've mentioned in other places that I love to wrap presents. It makes me smile! I take great joy in making each gift a delight to the eyes. I loved the contrast above, between the light blue paper and the bright red of the ribbon. I like things that POP when you look at them.

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