Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red, joyous and warm!

Dec. 3 - Red
It's been a busy few days! I'm learning how to use Drupal, rushing to get boxes ready for out of country and out of state friends and family, and of course we put up the tree and started baking holiday goodies. However, I did get my photos taken!

December 3rd's challenge was 'red'. I thought long and hard about it. I took some experimental shots of some red stuff on the tree, but when I looked at them, they didn't really make me jump for joy. I ended up taking images of some of the red bows I use for decorating packages and ornaments, and I think it turned out rather well!

Dec. 4 - Joyous
The December 4th challenge was 'joyous,' something that I thought would be easy and turned out to be really difficult. Yesterday was kind of a tough day, because I'm suffering from a cold and it's dragging me down. Finding the joy was escaping me, even though I was making delicious soup. In the end, I kept looking back at this little fuzz ball of red and green tinsel. It's too small for the tree, but I kept it thinking it could be used to spruce up a present. In a close-up shot, it looks very joyous to me, very colorful and bright.

Dec. 5 - Today's temperature
That brings us up to today's challenge: today's temperature. That was definitely not a joyous thing. It's quite warm here, in the mid- to high-40s. There's no hope of snow in the near future, and they're predicting more rain. It's wet and blowing and yucky outside. I wanted a picture that evoked that feeling of stark chilly-but-not-cold. Our thermometer, which reads inside and outside temps, is right by the kitchen window, against a badly painted window frame. That seemed to speak of the blah of the moment.

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