Saturday, December 15, 2012

Two Newtown Educators Went the Extra Mile for Students -

Two Newtown Educators Went the Extra Mile for Students -

This is not a moment of joy. This is not a time of happiness. Twenty-eight families went home yesterday missing someone so dear to them that it's difficult to comprehend. I found it terribly ironic that my virtual advent calendar opened today on "fears"... because the writing for it was done weeks ago. But yes... there are fears in the world.

Later, when the initial pain has died down a bit, I'll have more to say on this horrible thing. Right now, I need to show that there ARE heroes and they are in our schools and our neighborhoods. I wish sometimes that we lived in a world where we never needed to KNOW about heroes, but I'm glad that they're there.

At the Sandy Hook school, two heroes were defined. Do you know what a hero is? It's someone who runs toward the gunfire, not away from it. (And please, know that I am not putting down any of the people who hid or ran... because it's probably what I would do in that situation. I'm not a hero.)

Principal Dawn Hochsprung was a hero. She was at a meeting, heard the gunfire, and the person she stuffed under the desk for safety said she sprang out the door running toward the gunfire. Let me say it again: she was a hero. She cared that much about our children.

Ms. Sherlach was the school psychologist. She was apparently in the same meeting, and followed the principal without the least hesitation. She was a hero.

Last night, I lit a candle for these two heroes. They ran into battle without a backward glance. They did their best to save their charges, and unfortunately they died in the process.
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