Friday, June 29, 2012

Prayer can help in times of darkness - Manchester Prayer |

Prayer can help in times of darkness - Manchester Prayer | "It isn't unusual to have a down day once in a while. There are times when it's wholly appropriate, such as when a loved one dies or a close friend moves away. The normal person moves up and down in their emotional temperature several times a day.

Then there are the rest of the people, those who society deems "not normal". They have extreme highs or lows, or have bouts of extreme depression, or find themselves expressing vast rage that is inappropriate and sometimes dangerous."

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I love my herb garden. I love that it's in a recycled tire. I love that my dill and cilantro and parsley are growing huge. I love that I can trip out to the garden and grab a handful of herbs at anytime, for salad or a recipe. I love that my herbs are so close to the house, too.

I haven't done magickal work in a very long time, but when I was doing it more regularly, I was using herbs in a lot of my work. There's something extra powerful in the idea of growing something and then using it, either for its scent or its flavor.

A pinch of rosemary in a candle flame produces an incredible scent that doesn't set off most asthmatics. Crushed oregano in a diffuser with a candle under it will spice up any sacred space. For something sweeter, try a bit of tarragon, with its thick, liquorice scent.

Joy is fresh dill sauteed in butter and served over fresh wild-caught salmon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working, working...

Minister's manual
I took time yesterday morning and a bit of today, to organize and put together my minister's manual. All of the pages that were in the manual I handed in as my final project for seminary are there. There is a section for sermons, for various types of liturgy (for instance, I added a personal version of the Communion liturgy), for rituals and for classes. It's got a spot for everything, really.

I had originally intended to hand in my final project in the three ring binder (pictured above), but we had to have it in a specific format that precluded that. Now I've retrieved all the pages from how it was when it was handed in, and it's all filed neatly and ready for use. I expect I'll add poems and such as I go along.

I am guessing that I should be able to add all my wedding ceremonies to it, so that I can allow potential clients to look at them and decide what bits they like or dislike. I find it handy to have a wedding book. Then again, it might do me well to separate the wedding book completely. I haven't decided yet. It's definitely nice to have something I can grab on the way out the door, though. One of these days I'm going to have to get the parts I use repeatedly put into a bound book through CreateSpace or some such, in small format. That way it can be tossed in my briefcase or purse.

I'm getting together a group of people to celebrate Midsummer on the 23rd or 24th of this month. I'm not quite sure what I plan on doing yet, but we'll have fun, regardless. If you're interested in coming to that, or to the cultural potluck (bring a dish from your heritage) the same weekend, let me know!