Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's a new year!

We're a bit over a week into 2013, and I haven't had to write the year down on anything yet. Does that mean it isn't real? Seriously, though, this year is looking to be a good one, if perhaps a bit tough. Last year turned out well, despite the bumps and turbulence of a standard family life. The world has treated us pretty well, finances are improving, and things just seem to be doing well.

Last year, I had some really popular posts, but they weren't the ones I expected to be popular. It's odd how that happens. My number one post was Gratitude for Shopping, with a whopping 2600 views! I'm not sure why it ended up with that many views, but I'm grateful for the traffic spike.

What's changed in the past year? Well, the government tells us we're no longer in a depression (and some are saying we never were). This doesn't sit well with me, as I try to squeeze fewer pennies just a little harder each month. Food prices are rising due to many factors, and paychecks are going down because of the current tax rates. Prices on most things seem to be going up. I'm looking out at my snow-covered garden and wondering if I'll be able to produce enough food to help us through this summer and next winter...

Through 2012 I made contacts with the Cathedral of the Pines people, and I was honored to perform their Blessing of the Animals in October. I did several weddings, all of which were beautiful and inspiring. I did some supply preaching, and a lot of blogging and article writing. My writing seems to be a firm focus both of last year and the year to come. This makes me happy!

Where do I want to go? That's a good question. There are many things I'd like to achieve this year. I want to become better at cross stitch, and start working on some more complex patterns. I want to reinvigorate my meditation practice, which has been slacking (read: mostly non-existent) for some time. I want to eat better, eat less, exercise more, and treat the temple of my body more as a shrine than as a garbage pit.

Mostly, what I want is to keep making progress. I've made two steps forward and one back several times over the past few years, but the progress is always forward in general. I want to keep that up, and maybe even accelerate it. Less steps backward would mean more forward movement.

What are you doing for the new year? Where were you, and where are you going from here? Do you have resolutions or plans?

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