Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow days

Walking in the snow (1)
There is a fresh snow fall outside. Big, fat flakes are drifting lazily down from the sky. It's picturesque snow, that pretty snow you see in professional pictures and postcards. I love these kinds of snow days, when the children are kept home from school and we're all in a big, warm pile in front of the television.

Sometimes we make cookies, or huge pots of fresh popcorn drizzled with melted butter and a dash of salt. We read together. We're about to start The Hobbit today, in preparation for seeing the movies. Adventure and hardship awaits us in the pages, along with Second Breakfast and Tea, trolls, wizards, halflings and elves. No television show can compete with that kind of story, nor should it. We need to take this time to cultivate imaginations!

Red berries (2)
Out in the yard, the driveway has filled with about six inches of snow. The kids spent time playing in it, engaging the fantasy circuits in their brains. Hubby has used the backhoe to pile snow many feet high, creating our yearly Mount Snowmore, a sledding hill and budding fort. The kids (and hubby) work on digging out the interior, making a grand, if cold, hideaway within. When it's large enough inside the hill, they'll take a couple of tea candles out there and melt the interior slightly, just as if it were an Eskimo igloo. The thought of having their own igloo eggs them on.

Snowy fence (3)
I love days like this, when the pace of life goes a little slower than usual. There's time, suddenly, unexpectedly. There's time to make hot chocolate and watch a movie, time to snuggle together and read Harry Potter, time to make tacos for supper. There's time to pull out The Hobbit and have the whole family gather around the fire to cuddle and listen to the story. Perhaps that is the secret of this type of snow: it creates time. Perhaps that is what makes it so incredibly special.

Days like this, when snow is falling heavily outside and the inside is all warm and full of life, always seem more quiet. I have patience for introspection and meditation. I find myself pulling out my needlework and enjoying a cup of tea. Instrumental music thrums from my smartphone, filling the air around me with the tones of Buddhist chanting or Franciscan monks singing in Latin. I find the calm within me, and I touch my center so much more readily than on other days.

What does a snow day bring for you? Is it a thing of beauty and quietude for you?

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