Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday invitation

The Cross (1)
Each year on Ash Wednesday, I choose something to give up for the period of Lent. I've done so since long before I worshiped Yeshua, and it means more to me than a religious symbol. It is a symbol of my commitment to the Divine as a whole. This year I likely won't be going to a church to receive the Imposition of Ashes, but I may do a smaller version of the ritual at home with my family.

During Lent, I like to do daily devotions that seek within. One place that I've been visiting online for years is d365, an online daily devotion. It pairs Christian Scripture, calm music, introspective writing and a simple website to help people focus on the spiritual each day. I invite you to join me in visiting Journey to the Cross for the next 46 days of Lent. Come read, and think, and look within, and learn.

Lent is a time of fasting. It's a time of sacrifice. It's a time for alms giving, whether in money or time. It's a time for modest living, and clean living. The 46 days of Lent are a period long enough to break a bad habit (30 days is the average for breaking a habit) and to instill a good habit. Perhaps this is a time to give up soda, or a time to start daily meditation. Whatever you sacrifice, make it something that you truly feel.

Blessings on everyone. May the God of your understanding watch over you, bless you, and keep you safe in your life!

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