Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 15 - Diet updates

 Really, really hard to post the images today. But I'm doing it. It's day 15, and I've been on the diet two weeks. I have lost weight, and there's no getting around that at all. I'm lower now than I have been since before the twins were born. I'm less miserable emotionally this week, but it's also been a really tough week due to stuff I just am not sharing on the internet.

I am doing better with the food most times. I'm not hungry, although there's kind of a niggling feeling that I'd like to put something in my mouth a lot of the time. It's not distracting, though. If I pick up a book, play a gem match game, post a blog entry, it disappears into the background noise of life in general. It's supposed to continue getting easier, so the world is good.

I won't lie, there have been some major challenges. Food addiction isn't like any other addiction, you know? You can't just put it down and say, "I won't ever have that again." Food is necessary to life. It isn't good enough to just not eat; you must learn to control it, control yourself, eat sensibly, eat reasonably. I know all this, and have for years, but I have lacked the tools to move forward. I'm not sure that I'll have the tools at the end of this, but at the very least I'm getting a ton of help and support that starts with the doc and goes all the way down to the youngest member of our family. Still, when I go to a funeral and every food I love is in a massive buffet with people urging me to gorge myself, it's a challenge. A big one. It's emotional. Heck, the food part of this is the EASY part.

Okay, so ... stats. I did promise to share those.

Neck: start: 15.75" / Monday the 30th: 15"
Bicep: start: 13" / Monday: 12"
Waist: start: 49.5" / Monday: 50" (don't judge, it's That Time)
Hips: start: 52" / Monday: 50.75"
Thigh: start: 19.25" / Monday: 18.75"
Weight: start: 220lbs / Monday: 206lbs
You can see that it's working. There are some odd stats, like my thigh, which went up this week (from last week, not from the beginning), but the doc figures that's just variations in how he measured, or exactly where on my leg he measured. And if you have any doubt that Aunt Flo makes your waist larger, there's proof. I've lost weight, lost girth, lost a dress size, and my pants fit... but my waist is an inch larger right now than last week.

On top of everything else, I'm sick this week. Really sick. I have flu or some upper respiratory thing. Coughing, low fever, sore throat, headache, sinus pressure, chest gunk, chills. Bleh. If I can do this now, I can do it any time.
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