Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Diet update - October 23rd

It's been a few days. I haven't felt much like reporting about my diet, to be honest. It isn't that I'm not losing; I am, and then some. To date, I have lost 25 pounds. However, the last two weeks have been very frustrating for me. Unlike the early weeks, I've been hungry.

Now, when I say hungry, please don't take me to mean peckish, or that I have the munchies. I mean hungry, with my tummy making growling sounds that are audible to people around me. It's not constant, but it's frequent, and it has caused me to be very grumpy and out of sorts.

That said, I'm trying right now to focus on the positive. I started out at 220 pounds even, and this morning I weighed in at 195 pounds. And as you'll see from the stats below, it isn't just my weight that's shrinking. By the way, these measurements are made by the nurse, not me, and he writes them in my book, not me.

My neck started out with a measurement of 15.75", and is now at 14.375".
My chest started at 51" and is now at 49.25".
My waist started at 49.5" and is now at 49".
My hips started at 52" and are now at 49".
My thighs started at 19.25" and are now at 17.5".

 This is me one day before my official weigh in. I was 220 lbs. I was hurting ALL the time. I was living on doses of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. I was miserable. I couldn't even think of exercising. In fact, I was beginning to have real issues doing daily chores. Standing to do the dishes (in a *dishwasher*) would cause my back to cramp up. The garden was largely a failure this year because I just wasn't able to get out and DO it. I had no energy at all. Did I mention I was miserable?

During all this, I went off my anti-depressants (yay me for being almost 3 months clear of them!) and went from being happy-but-fat to being horrified at how I looked and wondering how I could have just ignored it. It was ... scary.

 This is me yesterday (Oct. 22). I weighed in at 197 that morning, and have lost an extra 2 lbs since. I look less like I'm holding up some kind of huge weight in front of me, and more like I'm standing. The shirt is getting baggy on me (my pants, all but one pair of which I just purchased 2 weeks ago, are falling off of me... literally). The skirt is a drawstring style, thankfully, and I've had to cinch it tighter several times.

I don't wince getting up most mornings now (though I noticed the cold weather definitely affected me today). My back pain has gone from a 5/10 to a 1 or 2/10, and there are whole swatches of time that I don't hurt at all. My feet and ankles aren't constantly feeling like they're going to give out on me. The idea of going up and down the stairs is no longer... well, it's no longer a thought. I just do it. I pop up and down several times a day now, after spending most of a year making sure I had a list of what to do while upstairs so I wouldn't have to make the trip twice.

That's me from the side, first day. I'm kind of embarrassed to look at it right now. My belly is so prominent, and I look pregnant. My chin sort of slopes down into my chest, never really making a neck.
You can see my belly here, but at least it's less. In fact, this is the first time I've looked at these two pictures at the same time and I'm actually kind of stunned. There's a very noticeable difference between the first picture and this second one. Among them is that the roll of fat that used to be at my lower back going into my buttocks appears to have shrunk. Either that or I've lost enough weight that I'm now standing upright (another reason my back pain has probably gone down, actually) and so not causing the fat to roll there. My chin still sort of meets with my chest, but not as much. I can definitely see a difference.

Making these pics large in the interest of SEEING. That's the day before we started the diet. Sorry it's fuzzy, but you can see the rolls. Look at my "neck".

Now look at that. I mean, wow. There are no rolls there! And I want to point out that, despite my not having had a shower the morning this photo was taken, and it being taken later in the day, my hair looks cleaner, perkier, shinier.

So. Would I tell someone to try this diet? No, probably not. I am counting the days until we're done (Oct. 29th, people, Oct. 29th). But I can't say it doesn't work. All of this has been done with minimal exercise, too. I have walked for 20 minutes and ridden a recumbent bike for 20 minutes, 3 times a week at the YMCA while the kids are swimming. Walking slowly is all I'm permitted. I expect to see some grand results once I have more calories coming in and I'm able to get to the gym and start lifting weights and using the elliptical and all that.

I had three days when I didn't eat the specific diet. The first was a load day chosen by my consultant, and was on day 26. I was to stick fairly close to the diet (no dairy, no 'real' bread, etc.) but eat 1500 calories. I had breakfast that day, and I had popcorn with butter at night. Then last Tuesday we celebrated several things (sis's birthday, vow renewals, a visit from an old friend) and ate out at JP Stephens, where I ate a ton of food including dessert. Two nights ago I went mental and couldn't handle being hungry anymore, so I had a shrimp wrap (rice wrapper around lettuce, carrots, green onions, shrimp, with vinegar dip) after my dinner. I then spent hours feeling guilty about it... but I wasn't hungry, at least.

So there. I've bared my soul (and body shame) to you.
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